Master-Projekt: Service Robots and Assistance Systems

INF-61-81-L-7Master-Projekt: Service Robots and Assistance Systemspart

Wednesday 13:45 - 15:15



Contact Person

M.Sc. Qi Liu


The preliminary discussion for the master project takes place at Wednesday 10.04.2018 at 14:00 in room 48-379.


The target of the project is to work at a specific topic independently. This contains the planing and implementation of systems or part of systems in our current projects.


Registration: before 16th April, 2018
Send E-Mail to before 16.04.2018:
personal information (Name, Matrik-Nr. and Fachbereich), topic Name and supervisor

Preliminary work: before 30th April, 2018
Literature research, methodology discussion and work planning with your supervisor

Implementation of project research: from May to July, 2018
You are required to show up three and a half days per week in the lab
Discuss with your supervisor frequently

Preparing for presentation: before 10th July, 2018
Experiments, summarizing the project work

Presentation: mid of July, 2018
Last week of lecture period (between 09th to 15th of July)
Length: 25-30 mins

Paper writing: before 30th September, 2018
6 pages of a report in IEEE paper style
Submit the report not later than 30.09.2017 (end of the semester)


  • You should keep up with the deadlines, otherwise, you are not allowed to continue your project work.
  • Please go to the supervisor first to confirm if the topic is still available before registration.
  • You are required to show up at least three and a half days per week in the lab and discuss with your supervisor frequently.
  • Please give the report to your supervisor in advance so that she/he will have enough time to read and give you feedback.



Optimization-Based Muscle Selection for General Purpose End-Effector Control

Patrick Vonwirth

Bioinspired Planar Balancing

Patrick Vonwirth

Topview Detection via CNNs

Axel Vierling

Semantic Segmentation with Deep Experts

Axel Vierling

Automated VHDL-code Generation from iB2C-designerAlexander Köpper / Thorsten Ropertz
3D Reconstruction of Testing Envionments in UnrealPatrick Wolf
Implementation of a Radar Sensor in Unreal

Patrick Wolf

Adoption of Spring/tendon Action in Human Muscle

Atabak Nezhadfard

Integration of Force Sensor in Prothtetics Foot

Atabak Nezhadfard

Hopping Motion Control in CARL

Atabak Nezhadfard

Body Orientation Estimation from 2D Optical Flow-basedTanittha Sutjaritvorakul
Simulation of counter force in a digging holeTobias Groll
Soil simulation - digging a holeTobias Groll
Representation/Visualisation of Grid Maps/Point CloudsSteffen Hemer
3D ToF Data Registration/FusionSteffen Hemer
Rock DetectionSteffen Hemer
Obstacle Avoidance in Autonomous Cars using Deep Reinforcement LearningHannan Ejaz Keen
Image Segmentation in the Traffic Scene using Deep LearningHannan Ejaz Keen

Major course assessment

  • Written report
  • Presentation

The presentations will take place at the end of the lecture period. The specific date will be announced.