Master-Projekt: Service Robots and Assistance Systems

INF-61-81-M-7Master-Project: Service Robots and Assistance Systems4L19.04.202348-37914:00


Contact Person

M.Sc. Ashita Ashok

If you are interested in any of the topics listed below please contact the topic supervisor directly.


Select a topic and contact supervisor
Mandatory Registeration at examination office
Regularly meet your supervisor
Preliminary work (Literature research, methodology discussion and work planning with your supervisor)
Implementation of project research (Lab attendence of three and a half days per week)
Preparing for presentation (Experiments, summarizing the project work)
Presentation (Length: 25-30 mins)
Report writing (6 pages of a report in IEEE paper style) our template available here.
Report submission



Ashita AshokHuman Personality Detection from Verbal BehaviorUnvailable
Ashita AshokNaturalistic Conversational Robot Gaze ControlUnvailable
Ashita AshokMapping Robot Facial Expressions to Emotion SpaceUnavailable
Ashita AshokRobot Intention RecognitionAvailable
Jörg HusemannSimulation of Drilling and Cutting Operations for DemolitionAvailable
Jakub PawlakWhich frequencies do Transformers like to see?Available
Jakub PawlakReinforcement Learning from implicit Human FeedbackAvailable
Pankaj DeoliSemantic segmentation using Multi-spectral imagery of forestUnvailable
Dennis MeckelExtendable control architecturesAvailable
Dennis MeckelSensor Database with OntologyAvailable
Dennis MeckelKinematics Specification Tool with VisualizationAvailable
Dennis MeckelLeveraging AI for Enhancing Technical Documentation in Large-scale Ecosystems: A Case Study on Finroc's Module and Port DescriptionsAvailable
Sarwar PapluEstablishing object-property relationships in HRI ScenariosAvailable
Sarwar PapluSemantic analysis of OCR-based text detection for HRIUnvailable
Maxmillian KunzSimulation - Virtual SensorsUnvailable
Maxmillian KunzSimulation - Character SimulationUnvailable
Maxmillian KunzSimulation - Automatic Tests for SensorsUnvailable
Maxmillian KunzSimulation - Procedural Test ScenariosUnvailable
Maxmillian KunzLocalization using Building OutlinesAvailable
Maxmillian KunzIndoor Localization using Building Information Modeling (BIM)Available
Hannan Ejaz KeenGround Penetrating Radar and its Potential ApplicationsAvailable
Hannan Ejaz KeenDeep learning based segmentation in flooded environment from Aerial ImagesAvailable
Hannan Ejaz KeenClassification in Sonar ImagesAvailable
Patrick Vonwirth3D-Biped Design Development SoftwareAvailable
Patrick VonwirthSimplification of Embedded ProcessingAvailable
Eike GassenDocker ContainerAvailable
Axel VierlingDeployment of Vision Transformer Models on Robotic SystemsUnavailable
Axel VierlingVisual Soil Type ClassificationUnavailable

Major course assessment

  • Written report 6 pages IEEE format
  • Presentation 25 min + 10 min Discussion

The presentations will take place upon the completion of the project task.