Workshop Architectures for Robot Control

In recent years, very complex systems have emerged, above all in service robotics and in assistive robotics. , These advances have been achieved due to e. g. better sensors, new methods of perception, efficient methods of localization and map generation as well as cognitive system components. Another aspect that supports this positive trend is the large number of open source robotic libraries. For example, the Robot Operating System - developed by Willow Garage - allows roboticists to build basic systems faster. Additionally, it has helped to improve the reusability and integrability of large collections of robotic methods in the community. However, the growing complexity of robotic systems still poses a major challenge. From suitable embedded architectures and the support of control software development by powerful frameworks to the actual control architecture, a suitable system design must be found to enable an efficient development process. Also non-functional  features such as real-time capability, reliability, scalability or security must be addressed. The workshop series takes up this topic. Scientists working on these fields of research will present their latest scientific findings as part of the workshops. In addition, scientific questions are to be worked out that have so far been inadequately or not solved.


Topics and focus

 In the frame of the workshop series, the following topics should be addressed:

  • Architectures of Embedded Systems
  • Software Frameworks
  • Control Architectures (task-based or behavior-based approaches)


Addressed participants

Scientists in the field of robotics and development of robot systems.
In addition to group leaders, in particular, academic staff and phd-students should be involved as both participants and presenters.




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