Project robot


These autonomous forklift-robots serve as the platform for our bachelor-practice-course, which takes place every year during winter-semester.The robots consist of a electrically-driven base-platform with a forklift-like lifting unit. The basic data-processing is done by a DSP-based calculation-unit. Additionally, the robots are equipped with a tablet-PC. This serves as the main-computer for the more sophisticated calculations, as well as a communication-interface (e. g. through the built-in W-LAN- or bluetooth-module). The connection between the tablet and the DSP-unit is realised through a CAN-Bus.The student's task is, to program one of the robots in a way, that it is able to find pre-defined objects, collect them and transport them to a base-platform, while avoiding obstacles and other robots.Additionally, there is an extra-task, which is different every year.To solve this problem, the framework "Finroc", which was developed in the RRLab, is available to the students. Also, the hardware-interface to the robot is implemented for this framework.