The Deliveryrobot was planned as a robot for transporting heavy loads on campus, which is nevertheless mobile enough to be able to travel inside buildings without any problems. It was designed and manufactured by the company UlrichC.DE from Durmersheim near Karlsruhe. Four robots for different use cases were handed over to TUK as part of the "5G Model Region Kaiserslautern - 5G for City, Country and Work".

The dimensions are approximately 100cm x 70cm x 110cm, with a total weight of about 150kg. The dimensions are such that the robot can go into any elevator of the TUK, and thus reach most rooms. Due to the differential drive it is able to turn on the spot. Due to the off-road capable wheels and a good torque it is able to drive even in the most rough situations. The maximum payload is up to 50kg. Even with maximum payload, speeds of up to 10km/h can be achieved, for example to quickly transport life-saving equipment such as a defibrillator in an emergency. The batteries come to a total of 86Ah at 24V and allow a runtime of about 2.5 hours.

To enable safe navigation, the robot is equipped with 2 Sick TiMS as safety sensors, with 2 ZED2 stereo cameras for near-field monitoring, and with an Ouster OS0-128 for accurate monitoring even of more distant objects, as well as for localization support. A u-blox ZED-F9P is also installed for localization. The evaluation of the sensors is solved on a distributed system. A Jetson AGX-Xavier board is installed for each camera and a Nuovo PC for autonomous control. For wireless communication, a 5G module is used to communicate via the 5G campus network with a control station, which serves as a further control instance.