Welcome to the first edition of the J-DAI Workshop - Exploring joint actions from both human and robot perspectives for Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)


This full-day workshop will be held on 1st September 2024 in conjunction with the IEEE RAS EMBS 10th International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics (BioRob 2024)

Specific location will be annouced soon.

Workshop organizers

Statement of Objectives

Robotics often requires interaction (e.g. supporting a patient in rehabilitation) and therefore a knowledge of how humans perform joint action and a creative way to transfer this to human-robot interaction is needed. The workshop supports this through three aspects: i) joint talks to create cross-discipline discussion; ii) a poster session for field engagement; and iii) open Q&A sessions to spark innovative ideas. Finally, the plenary discussion will analyze the usage of deep learning models for interaction, and explore real-world applications.

Important dates

  • Registeration deadline: TBD
  • Poster submission deadline : TBD
  • Notification of selection : TBD

Invited Speakers

Mod 1: Behavioural neuroscience & robotics

Etienne Burdet

Gunther Knoblich

Domenico Formica

Vittorio Sanguineti

Mod 2: Joint training for learning & rehabilitation

Dagmar Sternad

Nicole Salomons

Aleksandra Michalko

Emilio Trigili

Mod 3: Frontiers in Humanoid Interaction

Karsten Berns

Tamim Asfour

Patrick Holthaus

Guy Laban

Mod 4: Human-Centric Robotics

Franziska Babel

Katie Winkel


Plenary Discussion

Deep Learning Models in Human-Robot Interaction