Aerial Inspection Drone

We introduce a pair of remote-controlled octocopters for offroad inspections. It can revolutionize the agricultural domain by detecting the under-stress regions within the crop and capturing the temporal field data for future predictions. Each copter is equipped with a reconfigurable sensor system that can be selected according to the need of an application. The sensor options include LiDAR, Stereo Cameras, Multispectral, and Thermal Cameras. The sensor fusion, mapping, or data recording is processed over Jetson Xavier NX using RRLAB's FINROC robotic framework.The specification of this vehicle are:

  • Weight of upto 5kg
  • Total Dimension: 0.95x.74x0.46 (in meters)
  • Flight Time 14-18 mins.
  • Speed upto 1.5m/s
  • Reconfigurable sensor system
  • In-house 3d printed payload chassis