Virtual Engineering of Smart Embedded Systems

Project Description

The goal of the project Virtual Engineering of Smart Embedded Systems - ViSE is the development of methods and technologies, which enable resilient intelligence in Smart Embedded Systems (SES). Vise is a cooperation project between several chairs at the TU Kaiserslautern and  the Fraunhofer Innovation Center for Smart Embedded Systems - ENARIS, as well as the Fraunhofer Service Center Simulation- and Software-based Innovations. The research activities inside the project focus on the development of resilient intelligence in Smart Embedded Systems (SES). Therefore, the project is structured in two parts. On subproject addresses the development of a virtual Engineering Space, which enables the virtual qualification of SES. This is necessary because the qualification requires normally very high demands on test drives; in some cases 1,000,000 km have to be driven to achieve sufficient test coverage for the qualification. The second part of the project addresses the methods for virtual quality assurance and dynamic safety management in resilient architectures.

The Robotics research lab is responsible for the task of world-in-the-loop simulation. The aim is to develop a test-beds that resemble the real world for testing autonomous vehicles. The work focuses on the modelling of a realistic pedestrian behavior in an urban environment and the interaction between pedestrians and autonomous cars. The virtual pedestrians have to perceive their environment to avoid static and dynamic obstacles when moving in the simulated environment
Another goal is to reduce the modeling complexity of the simulation, so that different test scenarios with realistic pedestrian behavior in interaction with autonomous vehicles are easy to generate.

Project Partners

    • Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE

    Funded by

    Ministry for Science, Education and Culture, Rhineland-Palatinate.