Autonomous Vehicle Operation of Commercial Vehicles in the Off-road Area using the Example of the Unimog

Project Description

The AutoCV project, which is being carried out in collaboration with the Commercial Vehicle Cluster Südwest (CVC) and other industrial partners, is investigating and developing perception and navigation methods for autonomous commercial vehicles in rough terrain. Using the example of an Unimog from Daimler, Wörth, the performance of the control approach is to be shown using a construction site environment.
The biologically motivated perception system, which mainly evaluates lidar data and stereo camera measurements, is intended to enable, among other things, the detection and evaluation of paths and the detection of static and dynamic obstacles. Probabilistic methods for the fusion of GPS and high-precision dead reckoning methods are to be analyzed for the localization. Concerning navigation, innovative concepts of route planning and methods for path adaptation due to holes, obstacles, slipping away, and tipping are to be developed. The developed approaches are to be validated based on several experiments of autonomous off-road driving.

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European Regional Development Fund